About Dr. Hani Shawa

His Life:

Dr. Hani Shawa was born in Gaza in 1942. He received his primary education from Imam Shafi’ School and Gaza College, and later joined the American University to obtain his higher education degree. He continued his education in London to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from HammerSmith University in 1964. Dr. Hani married in 1964, and started working at the Ministry of Works in Saudi Arabia. In 1975, Dr. Hani returned to Gaza and founded an engineering office, and was elected as the president of the Engineering Association in Gaza Strip. By the end of the 1980s, he moved to Kuwait to work at the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) for a period of three years.

During 1992, Dr. Hani returned to London and obtained Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Construction Finance from Loughborough University. He then went to Dubai along with his family to become a Vice-President at Mashreq Bank. During 1996, Dr. Hani returned to Gaza following the ill health of his father, Haj Hashim Shawa, Chairman of Bank of Palestine at that time. Dr. Hani Shawa had a distinctive and independent personality; he excelled in managing the Bank, and left a clear impact. He accomplished many successful achievements, and during that time, Dr. Hani, established the national edifice “Bank of Palestine”. During his period, the bank expanded to various Palestinian cities, and created a clear growth and development plan that founded the framework of a great institution both locally and internationally. Dr. Hani Shawa passed away in 2007.